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Introducing… the house

The land our house is built on has been in my family for over 90 years, having been bought by one of my Granddad’s uncles in the 1920s.

Looks like a tiny bungalow, right?

It’s a fantastic TARDIS – it looks small and unassuming from the front, but it’s surprisingly big inside. Until we cleared it last summer I hadn’t really appreciated the size, but it must have always been that way, particularly as it fitted six adults and six children in when the whole family visited my grandparents at Christmas, and even more people usually arrived for Christmas Dinner.

There are two distinct layers in the house at the moment – the stone layer, which was built by my Granddad’s uncle, and the brick layer, which was built by my Granddad. The intention is that our alterations will give another (tile clad, probably) layer that shows the next evolution of the house.

TARDIS View! Three stories magically appear when you go round the back.

“Our” layer involves a dormer extension to the top floor, turning what was my Auntie and my Dad’s bedrooms (and later the rooms my family stayed in when we visited) into a big bedroom, a bathroom and a landing area with a balcony. None of the construction has started yet, so we’re waiting to see how it really evolves.